Forced to grow up

Nine-year-old Dianka from the village of Chasiv Yar impressed our volunteers with how maturely she spoke and how bravely she survived the shelling of her village.

Already in the second conversation, Diana admitted that the scariest thing was to experience when fighter jets flew over her house almost every day and could drop a bomb on them. At such moments, the girl loudly turned on computer games, just to drown out the terrible, unbearable roar of airplanes.

Diana had to grow up early. Her father died a year ago, and her mother left the girl when she was still a baby. So Diana was brought up by the loving family of her father's sister. Adoptive parents Lyudmila and Andriy didn't dare to evacuate for a long time, but for the sake of Diana's safety, they still decided to run away.

The family only recently came to our partner hub in Dnipro, the "Salvation" church, and received a warm welcome and help. Together with the volunteers, Dianka even made a book in which she thanks God for the forgiveness of sins, for her family and for the future peace in Ukraine, because she believes in him very much.

The family is currently on their way to Kropyvnytskyi, where our large team is already looking for housing for them. They hope to start living "from scratch" before our Victory.