She lost the most precious person in this war

This is Milana. She is 5 years old, she’s from Bakhmut.

The girl's father held her tightly in his arms when he tried to save his daughter from Russian shelling. And then his life was taken by a fragment of an enemy shell. This is Milana's last memory of her father. And this memory will forever remain an open wound for her.

Unfortunately, such stories have become common for Ukrainians. But behind every story, there are real destinies of small Ukrainians. We are unable to change their past, but we can give them hope for the future, help them through the pain of loss and give them a light.

With this purpose, our team, together with PrivatBank, has started a charitable fundraising of 35 million hryvnias for "safety and development" backpacks for children who became orphans and semi-orphans as a result of Russia's war against Ukraine in 2014.

We thought cautiously about what can motivate children for life and help them overcome difficulties, and concluded: development and education! Therefore, the main gift for children will be a tablet with the software "Smart". This software contains 17,000 different tasks based on school education and will allow children to return to their studies and rejoice in their successes. It will inspire you to dive into your hobbies and start dreaming again. Cause the dream moves us forward, isn't it?

Let's support Milana and the little Ukrainians who lost the most precious things in this war and give them hope for the future.

You can join the charity fundraiser: