Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder

Psychologists and social workers at our daycare centers work devotedly and learn a lot. They have recently been trained in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adults affected by war.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology Roby Sonderegger from Australia conducted the two-day sessions on the topic of "Post-traumatic growth" under the "Growth" program.

Dr. Roby is a well-known psychologist, coach, and trainer, head of the Family Challenge Psychology Clinic in Queensland and Peoplecare Global. He is an internationally recognized expert consultant on war-related trauma and natural disasters. Tens of thousands of refugees received assistance under his programs. His expertise has been used by corporations, governments, humanitarian organizations, churches, and universities around the world.

The "Growth" program is based on Christian values, but its content goes far beyond the religious context. The purpose of its creation is to help a person who has experienced traumatic events to accept and analyze his experience. And as a result — to restore mental health to live and develop further.

We are grateful to the doctor for this invaluable knowledge and skills that will help Save Ukraine specialists provide even better psychological support to Ukrainian families!