The Save Ukraine team evacuated and temporarily resettled 64 children in Austria.

Kirovohrad Regional Specialized Orphanage is one of the institutions that the Save Ukraine team evacuated and temporarily settled in Austria. There are 64 children aged 0 to 6 in this institution, some of whom need palliative care.

Mr. Peter, Acting Chief Physician, Head of the Institution, told me that all the children are feeling well now. Some children in need of palliative care were hospitalized on arrival for a full health examination.

The head of the institution is very grateful to the representatives of the Austrian Embassy, ​​which organized a green corridor through diplomatic channels, thanks to which the whole group of children crossed the border very quickly. In Austria, the children were hospitably greeted by employees of the sanatorium and helped with the arrangement.

During the war, our team managed to evacuate more than 1,200 children from 22 boarding schools from different regions of Ukraine.

Friendly organizations abroad take very good care of young Ukrainians. But the main desire of all is one - "our victory and home!"

In the East of Ukraine the situation is becoming more complicated ...