The pregnant woman fled on foot due to the shelling

Pregnant Nastya and her husband fled on foot to another city due to shelling by rashists. It was quiet in Privilege, so the young couple stayed there with Nastya's family.

The future mother was at home when the attempts suddenly began. Night, no connection, and the nearest maternity hospital - in Bakhmut. The girl's mother orientated herself and ran to the military for help. Our defenders took Nastya to Bakhmut, where the little Ukrainian Sonya was born.

The mother and child returned, unaware of what awaited them. For three days the orcs fired on the houses of civilians and Nastya with Sonechka in her arms ran continuously into the cold basement.
Save Ukraine volunteers evacuated a young family to a safe city. All is well with them now. However, Nastya's family is still under fire in Privilege and the girl is very worried about her family.