They took the children and left me in the destroyed house

Our volunteers from the Lviv hub met Kateryna Pavlivna at the local hospital, where they usually visit for humanitarian aid to the wounded.

Ms. Kateryna is from the city of Lyman in Donetsk region. A woman broke her hip while running home from heavy russian shelling. Then she managed to crawl to the corridor, until suddenly an enemy missile hit the house. At that time, Kateryna's children were also at home. Fortunately, the projectile did not explode, but split the walls and roof of the house in half.

Very soon, russian soldiers appeared on the doorstep. According to Kateryna, they forced her children to "evacuate" to Russia, and left her in a broken house.

"That's how I lived for a month. Every day I prayed: "Lord, either save me or take me away. And he save me", says the woman.

Ukrainian defenders finally came to Mrs. Kateryna's house. They hospitalized the woman first in Kramatorsk, and later in the Lviv hospital, where we met Kateryna Pavlivna.
Since then, the woman has been constantly trying to contact her children, but in vain.

Every day, our team hears the painful stories of the loss of Ukrainians due to russian aggression and tries to help families rebuild their lives in any way possible: be it evacuation and shelter, humanitarian, psychological and social support.

We also feel an obligation to share the true facts about the crimes of the russian military against the civilian population. And we will certainly continue to do it so that the world knows and remembers them.