To the smallest detail

Friends, many of you were interested in how the modular houses that we install as part of the Fort Home program for long-term housing for families who lost their homes due to russian aggression. We were surprised, because we really did not show you the interior, so we will tell you more!

In some comments to our publications, Ukrainians noted that modular homes are too small. The area of the house is really not a large - about 20 square meters. However, it is this size that makes them as mobile as possible: we are able to transport housing within a radius of 400 kilometers from the construction site, to different places of the country. Secondly, a smaller area 👉less materials 👉more homes! In this way, we can provide houses for more Ukrainian families left to fend for themselves.

In our case, more does not mean less quality or inconvenient.
We will make every effort to make each family feel comfortable in their new home, because we understand that after the horrors experienced, safety, comfort and the presence of the benefits of civilization are extremely important for recovery. Therefore, two main housing projects were created: standard and for people with special needs.

Both projects have an entrance hall, kitchen-living room, bedroom/children's room, dressing room + shower room and all the necessary furniture: beds (large, bunk, sofa), wardrobes, sideboards, table, chairs. And in the inclusive version, there are necessary facilities for people with disabilities: a ramp, wider aisles, handrails and other important things in the shower room.

The houses are equipped with water, electricity, heat and cooling in the form of air conditioners and convectors, and a hood. The kitchen is equipped with an electric kettle, a stove, a microwave, a refrigerator and dishes. In addition, we have lovingly taken care of the smallest details so that the family does not need anything.

Upon check-in, a refrigerator full of food, hygiene kits in the shower, new towels, bed sets and, in general, cleanliness and coziness await them.

We care about every family and want adults and children to find their lost peace and rebuild their lives in new homes !