5-year-old Mykyta sang a hymn of indomitability after the rescue

5-year-old Mykyta from the liberated Kharkiv Oblast sings "Oy u luzi chervona kalyna" — the anthem of the Ukrainian spirit during the war. This was the boy's bright answer to our question about his dream.

The war left a heavy mark on son's health, says mother Yulia. His facial expressions are different, his facial features have changed, and the most noticeable thing is that Mykyta blinks his eyes more often.

"The russians bombed us. There were no sirens. The 5th school was destroyed, the 9th building was destroyed... We hid either in the corridor or in the basement. Who are the russians for me? Not brothers - enemies" – this is how Mykyta recalls the occupation by the russians military.

Missile strikes, bombardment by the russian military and the constant lack of communal facilities — these were ordinary everyday families in which they lived for two months after the liberation of the Kupyansk district.

Before wintering, the Onishchenko family turned to our team for help. "Save Ukraine" volunteers evacuated the family to our capital's family shelter. Mykyta even persuaded his grandfather and grandmother to go, but they refused.

Nowadays, the boy hears explosions much less often, knows how to count to 12 and is most looking forward to the victory of Ukraine, after which he will return to his native home.