"Save Ukraine" volunteer cat on a mission

In the photo, the "Save Ukraine" cat-volunteer performs one of his tasks during the evacuation of Ukrainians from the east - he follows the road.

Valera witnessed bombed-out houses, destroyed roads and huge craters from enemy shells. But through the destruction, he still sees the greatness and beauty of the Ukrainian land. When meadows and lakes, wide fields and dense forests suddenly appear from behind the trees. Then Valerchyk huddles very close to the window.

Where only a professional cat does not follow the road when he goes to the evacuation: sometimes, he climbs right on the panel under the windshield for a wider view.
The guys appreciate Valeria's non-standard approaches in this important mission, which is why the team is in such harmony.

We will talk about the miraculous calming properties of Valera, a volunteer cat, later.

In the meantime, call our hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine if you, your family and pets need evacuation:

📞0 800 333 129