Place of comfortable healing

Nowadays the building of the "Hope and Recovery" center of the Save Ukraine charitable foundation used to be abandoned and neglected. But today, 500 people have found shelter here, 317 of them are children whose lives were forever changed by the war.

The idea of creating a center with a three-month rehabilitation program for IDPs appeared when it became clear why Ukrainians refused to evacuate from the frontline and de-occupied territories. Parents were afraid to go into unknown places and therefore they risked their children’s safety.

Then the Save Ukraine team decided to create such a center for internally displaced persons, where people could rest, recover and gain strength to live on after what they experienced. At first, there was neither money nor space for this project, but later both were found. But by the end of 2022, with the joint efforts of volunteers, friends, familiar employees, and residents of the center, the renovation was completely finished.

We repaired and furnished the premises with our own hands: washed, painted, and sewed curtains. In October last year, the first residents settled on the first two floors of the before-abandoned hostel. These were people who lost their homes, jobs, and friends. Their lives were completely destroyed, they were under severe stress and did not know how to live on.

Today, 12 volunteers work in the center, including social workers, psychologists, administrators, maids, etc. They carefully found out the needs of families and provide the necessary assistance: medical, legal, and material. But the center lacks specialists who work with children with special needs. Unfortunately, the number of such children has increased recently.

The Hope and Recovery Center is now a place of comfortable healing. We are convinced that care and comfort will help our guests regain their strength, get back on their feet, and believe in a bright future.