The loss of father and constant fear

The 50th day of the full-scale war was a tragedy for the Trubachov family from the Luhansk region.
That day 10-year-old Ihor and 4-year-old Polina lost their father - staff sergeant Volodymyr - who devoted almost 18 years of his life to military service.

That day, the man together with his comrades defended Kreminna from the foray of Russian invaders. Unfortunately, during the enemy's attack, Volodymyr received life-threatening injuries. In a flash, Polina and Ihor became semi-orphans. It still hurts their mother Svitlana to remember that she wasn’t even able to take away and bury her husband... Thankfully, her husband's colleague managed to do it.

For four long months after the death of their father, Ihor, and Polina were under shelling in the occupation. The enemy entirely didn't let out the Ukrainian soldier‘s family. And when the family finally escaped to Kharkiv, overcoming an incredibly difficult path, they were again met under intense Russian shelling.

Only thanks to the invitation of Volodymyr's colleague from the military, the family went to the Kyiv region - to the defender's parents. At that time, the Trubachov family had only 2 suitcases with things. And in these suitcases - their whole life. The loss of their father and constant fear greatly affected the psychological well-being of little Ihor. The boy closed himself off and didn’t talk about the events that traumatized him. Svitlana couldn't dare to tell about the death of their father to 4-year-old Polina at that time.

Already while working with a psychologist in Kyiv, the mother told her daughter about the tragedy. Now little Polina knows that her father is a hero in heaven because he gave his life defending his family and Ukraine. Svitlana and her children underwent more than one psychological rehabilitation to at least slightly restore their mental balance and find the strength to continue living after what they experienced. The woman admits that their faith in the future is most restored by the help of the people they met on their way... Because "everyone gives their tread of kindness."

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