Beginning at the organization to the emotional meeting with relatives

Friends, we are sharing with you a video of the fourth Save Ukraine rescue mission to return young Ukrainians from the territory of the Russian Federation: beginning at the organization to the emotional meeting with relatives!

Then we returned to Ukraine 17 children who were kidnaped by the Russians from the Kherson region and Kharkiv region. Most of them were deported by collaborators during the occupation. They promised the war-weary children to rest, but in fact, took them to "re-education" camps on the Crimean peninsula.

Organizers in uniforms with the letter Z forced children to sing the anthem of the aggressor state and go to a Russian school. For refusal, in some camps, they were threatened with deportation to orphanages and adoption. Under such mental pressure, the teenagers stayed for several months. Separated from relatives.

Since the parents realized that no one was going to return their children, they began to return kids on their own. However, they received refusals and fabricated difficulties. Then the relatives ask Save Ukraine to help in desperation.

Our team organized the rescue operation, prepared the mothers for the tough journey, and went through this exhausting path with them. And here on these shots, you can see the long-awaited hugs of children and parents, which cannot be watched without tears of happiness. In such moments we understand that every day of our hard work is absolutely worth it! This is an extraordinary event for families and, in turn, for our team.

Now we take care of families in the Capital Center "Hope and Recovery". Here they will be able to go through the rehabilitation process in safety and return to their normal lives. After all, an equally important task of Save Ukraine is to restore the well-being of families and faith in the future.

Thank you to everyone who supports us in this significant mission. Together we will be able to return as many small Ukrainians as possible to their native land!