The russians wanted to send Nastya to an orphanage in the Urals

The russians wanted to send Nastya from Kherson to an orphanage in the Urals. They promised the girl life in a dormitory, a russian passport, and then a home in the aggressor state. This is the enemy's strategy in destroying the Ukrainian identification of our children.

The girl was not released from Crimea for about 4 months, and all this time she was separated from her mother and home. Our team returned Nastya to Ukraine and is currently taking care of this family at the "Hope and Recovery" center in the capital.

We didn't forget about Nastya's 16th birthday and decided to give a holiday and care while her mother went to Kherson on business. The girl was pleasantly surprised when she saw the founder of "Save Ukraine" Mykola Kuleba with a skate in the center.

Before the war, Nastya liked to ride her friends' skateboards and dreamed of her own. That's why she was delighted with the gift! Then Nastya was waiting for a tea ceremony, blowing out the candles on the cake and friendly conversations in the center's family circle.

The smile didn't disappear from the girl's face during these few hours of our meeting. It is difficult to convey how valuable such momentary concerns are after the experienced psychological pressure and manipulations by the russians. We are happy that we were able to present Nastya with a holiday.

Our team continues to fight for the return of every Ukrainian child to their home and does everything possible so that the children can recover after the forced deportation of the russian federation.