They returned to Avdiivka for a doll

There are 12 of them in the family:

6 children, parents, grandmother and 2 cats. And a doll that the whole family calls Sasha.

Until May, the family lived in the hot district of Avdiivka, which is located near the railway station. There is constant shelling. The most difficult, says the grandmother, was the last night, when "hail flew to the floor."

When the volunteers of the "Save Ukraine" took the family away by ambulance, halfway through it turned out that the documents remained at home with the doll Sasha. We had to go back to hell.

All the way the children worried about the doll as a living person. Seemed, that they feared for the doll more than for themselves. And from home, among a pile of clean toys, they took with them only smoked, "tired" Sasha.

Without incident, our team evacuated the family to Pokrovsk, fed people, cats and took the family on the train. Now they are in the Dnieper city. With a children's talisman - a doll Sasha.

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