We opened the "Hope and Recovery" center

We opened the "Hope and Recovery" center for families of IDPs in Kyiv Oblast!

The Save Ukraine team cautiously prepared for this important event: they made repairs, arranged living rooms and play areas for children, and took care of household and hygiene details. So far, 28 families have settled in the center. They were evacuated by our rescuers from the frontline areas.

After the unbearable wartime survival conditions, adults and children finally are in comfort and coziness. Parents have gotten used to the new space gladly, and the children have already started art therapy classes with the center's psychologist!

We have already told you about art therapy as an excellent tool for the treatment of post-traumatic syndrome. Thanks to the creative process, young Ukrainians express their emotions and inner world, and in this way heal the mental wounds caused by the war. This therapy is available for toddlers who have difficulty communicating, as well as children with special needs. Therefore, it is universal.

The first lesson showed a wonderful result: the children expressed their feelings on paper, began to get to know each other, and were charged with a positive attitude. This approach was also liked by their parents, who are very worried about the mental state of their children.

The center's team goes on to work daily to bring back children's smiles and parents' faith in the future step by step. Together we can restore their lives!