For four weeks, she lived with a fragment of a russian projectile in her head

Outside the window, literally above the head of 13-year-old Sofia from the Mykolaiv region, is a Swiss bird. The flying one seems to remind that all living things always gravitate towards good people. Especially when it comes to a brave girl who miraculously survived the shelling and is now undergoing rehabilitation in the Alps!

We continue to tell new details of the stories of Ukrainians who are cared for by the "Save Ukraine" team! We will remind, Sofia lived peacefully in the village, played the guitar, drew and studied anatomy, when on March 5 one of the fragments from a Russian projectile hit the girl in the head - between the cerebral hemispheres.

After a complex operation with state-of-the-art equipment, the Okhmatdyt team managed to save Sofia! Then, within a month, the founder of "Save Ukraine" Mykola Kuleba provided the family with shelter in his own house, and our volunteers took Sofia to a rehabilitator every day. Later, we sent the girl for treatment abroad in the company of her brother and mother.

Currently, the family is spending the second month in the picturesque region, near Zurich. The result of professional treatment is already obvious - Sofiyka feels much better. Earlier, her right arm and leg hardly moved and she had a bad headache. Now these symptoms are less noticeable: her gait has already improved and although her fingers still lack strength, Sofia found a way out of the situation - she started writing and drawing with her left hand!

At this time, the girl continues active therapy procedures in the rehabilitation center. And she also attends art and language classes and even fulfilled her old dream - she rode horses twice

We admire the inner strength of a 13-year-old Ukrainian girl who, after an extremely serious injury, manages to do everything in the world without losing her love for life! We wish Sofia a speedy full recovery!