First, they were separated by the occupation, and then by the Russian deportation.

"We sat down at the festive table here, and he got "Mivina" there." But it was impossible to eat," Mrs. Olga painfully recalls how she "celebrated" the birthday of her 14-year-old son Andriy via video link. She is at home, and he is in Crimea. Their separation lasted almost a year, until our team returned the son to his mother .

Already at the beginning of the full-scale war, Olga went with her daughter to Mykolaiv, and Andriy stayed with his grandmother in the Kherson region. Very soon, Russian troops invaded their village and the occupation became the beginning of the separation of the relatives. Then, according to Olga, Andriy told her the terrible stories he had witnessed. So one day an enemy tank pointed its muzzle at a boy when he was just walking down the street. Fortunately, he returned home safe.

In September, Andriy was able to visit his father in Kherson. But soon they had to go to Simferopol, because Andrii's father needed an urgent operation. At that time, Ukrainian defenders liberated the Kherson region, but the Russians were not going to release father and son from Crimea.

Four long months have passed, and with them Andrii's birthday. The boy missed home indescribably, but despite this, he always found the bright side in difficult situations: he became a support for his father in a difficult period.

All this time, Olga was desperately looking for an opportunity to take her son to Ukraine, and this opportunity finally appeared! The woman learned about the Save Ukraine team, and we were just preparing the third operation to return children from the territories of the Russia. Having overcome all difficulties, we were able to take Andriy home with 15 young Ukrainians.

"I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing my son. He picked me up so easily, like a feather." - the long-awaited meeting of Mrs. Olga with her son was so warm.

Now all the children are together with their parents and we wish that they will never again find themselves in such a terrible separation.