Save Ukraine organizes rescue operations

Returning Ukrainian children deported by Russia to their homes is a complex and long-term matter. Nevertheless, not all parents are able to afford a two-week trip through several European countries to come their child back from an enemy country. That's why they apply to us. And Save Ukraine organizes rescue operations to bring home every child that the Russian Federation kidnaped.

Our sixth rescue mission was no exception. We also prepared for the trip and helped mothers so that they could hug their children again. Fortunately, this rescue story has a happy ending as well. And families are already home.

No one has the right to kidnap children, separate them from their parents and take away their childhood. However, the Kremlin authorities, neglecting all laws, have already deported thousands of Ukrainian children to Russian-controlled territory and continue to show off their criminal activities.

You can also help deported children return home to their families. Follow the link to join: