"Children, don't breathe, because mom is driving through landmines"

In the photo - 5-year-old Serhiyko and 11-year-old Sofia from Mariupol. The brother and sister were sleeping in their newly furnished room, in warm beds, when the russians began to attack their city with artillery, aviation and even from the sea.

Without electricity, heating and water, Boyko family ran outside in the noise of explosions to collect snow and rainwater just to quench their thirst. One day, russian shells also hit their five-story building...

Then the frightened neighbors gathered in a column to leave, and Maryna, the mother, was afraid to take a risk. "They didn't let the convoy go. Some cars came back shot, and some were shot and people died just on the roads..." - the woman recalls the words of neighbors who were lucky to survive.

When there was a direct hit in the neighboring apartment, and the remnants of the ridge were lying right next to the family's door, Maryna realized that she couldn't wait any longer.

The family moved from Mariupol to the suburban area, settling in a boarding house: here began a new period of family survival. "When we woke up, our blankets were often covered in frost... It's hard to believe we didn't get sick then." - recalls the mother with sadness.

In addition, searches organized by the russians began: they knocked on every door and looked for families of soldiers. The fear that life could end at any second forced the family to flee further.

Then Marina also learned that the russian military visited their apartment in Mariupol - they were looking for her husband and stole all the family's acquired property...

All this time, little Serhiy and Sofia lived in chronic stress due to the surrounding hell: air raids, screams, the sound of broken glass. On the way, the children saw a blown-up car and didn't breathe when their mother drove through mines. "Then my son started to get depressed, he withdrew into himself," Maryna recalls.

The family managed to leave for the Czech Republic, but the health of 5-year-old Serhiy was deteriorating. Then Marina returned to Ukraine with her children, and the next day her son was in intensive care with sugar 28!

Then began long-term treatment, numerous examinations and injections. It was at this moment in the life of the family that there was a meeting with the volunteers of our Ivano-Frankivsk hub, who helped and supported the mother and her children. Mrs. Marina speaks warmly about this meeting and thanks for the help of our center during such a difficult period for them.

Our heart aches for Serhiyko and all Ukrainian children, whose life full of dreams turned into a disaster. We wish Boyko family a speedy recovery and we want Serhiyko to get better in safety, with the care of good people.