We saved Nadia from shelling.

Mrs. Tetyana from Luhansk region buried her three sons. Two of them died due to enemy rocket fire, and the youngest died of a heart defect.

This is the second time that a woman, together with her husband Vitaly and a daughter with the symbolic name of Nadia (in translation "Hope"), has been forced to flee the war. In their native Popasna, they have nothing left: no house, no property, no past life. There, the family hid for a long time from merciless shelling in the basement of a local club.

Currently, our team evacuated Nadiyka and her parents from Chasyv Yaru, where Tetyana recently buried her youngest son. Unspeakable pain gripped the mother as she talked about her losses. But this strong-willed woman holds on for the sake of her daughter.

We put the family on a train to the Dnipro, where they will be reunited with their relatives and will be able to heal their emotional wounds in peace. And Nadiyka, exhausted by constant explosions and fear for her life, will finally find herself in safety.

Thank you to everyone who helps us save the lives of children and families.