Alone with her injured mother

In the photo, 6-year-old Veronika, her mother Tetyana and uncle Roman from Sloviansk. Relatives gently hug the girl, who only recently experienced the worst of her fears.

Since the beginning of hostilities, Tatyana and her daughter have been hiding in the basement of their house. They were just the two of them and little Veronika was very afraid that she would be left alone without her mother: she cried all the time and at night she didn't dare to close her eyes to sleep because of fear.

One day, a russian shell flew into the family's yard. All the windows in the house were blown out and one of the fragments hit Tatiana. Then the woman had an epileptic attack due to stress. It is difficult to imagine the horror that overwhelmed Veronika in those moments.

The girl was very scared and called her neighbors for help in tears. A man who lived next to the family heard the children's screams. He reacted quickly and provided Tatyana with first aid. But even after saving her mother, Veronika didn't stop crying and shuddering from loud sounds.

Having recovered from the incident, Tatyana and her brother decided to get out of danger as soon as possible for Veronika's sake. However, the girl's grandmother didn't want to leave her native Slovyansk.

This is how the family ended up in Dnipropetrovsk and, on the advice of friends, turned to our partner hub - the "Victory" church for help. Volunteers of "Save Ukraine" provided the family with temporary shelter, helped them prepare the necessary documents, and are currently looking for permanent housing for them.

In the Church, while playing in the children's corner, Veronika heard the sound of alarm. The girl was so scared that she covered herself with a teddy bear and started crying... That's what painful psychological wounds war leaves on children.

We pray for the complete emotional healing of Veronika and her family.