An American educator teaches children the English language

An American educator teaches children the English language at our day center in Dnipro.

Dale, from Sacramento, California, is almost 80 years old, with 25 years of experience working with children. From one of our volunteers, Dale learned about the work of our centers for orphans and IDPs in different cities of Ukraine and decided to join Save Ukraine as well.

Dale is an English teacher and speech therapist by profession. He has a simple but extremely effective teaching method. He doesn't force the child to write dictionary dictations of a bunch of new words by heart and doesn't conduct usual lessons. Children acquire all new knowledge through play and various everyday scenarios. But our little visitors really enjoy this approach. And if at first, an interpreter was present at the classes, now the children and Dale understand each other perfectly.

We appreciate Dale and other volunteers in our centers for their volunteering and valuable work that gives our children their stolen childhood back. Let's continue this significant work together!

Special thanks to the partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon for supporting the activities of our 12-day centers for orphans within the framework of the "Help nearby" project.