They became the guardians a week before full-scale war

A week before the start of the full-scale war, the spouses Antonina and Serhiy from Donetsk region became the guardians of two boys -11-year-old Kyril and 15-year-old Roma.

The couple dreamed of children for a long time, but in 11 years of marriage, this dream never came true. One day, Antonina and Sergey learned that their old neighbor had died, and her two grandchildren were left alone. So, without thinking twice, the couple decided to take the boys under their wing.

On February 17, they became the legal guardians of Kirill and Roma. It was supposed to be the beginning of a wonderful life for the new family, but in just 7 days they will survive together under the bombings of the Russian army.

For a long time, the family could not dare to leave their native Slavyansk, because it was scary to leave their home and go in an unknown direction with two children. Meanwhile, gunfights and explosions were getting closer and closer. Little Kyril reacted the worst to these events: the boy shuddered at every shot. So concern for the lives of their sons eventually forced the family to leave home.

So the family ended up in the Poltava region. It was here that our team installed a comfortable modular house for them for long-term living within the Fort Home project!

This house has everything they need for a comfortable life: two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, shower, heating and water supply, air conditioning. But the most important thing is safety and comfort, which this family needs so much.

According to Antonina, the children are now much calmer. The boys continued distance learning, and Roma even plays sports.

The couple still thanks us for the help, as well as all the kind people who did not leave them alone with the trouble.