Russians were not going to give the children away

"You are Ukrainian. You're worse than us" - such phrases 15-year-old Evgenia has consistently heard in the "rest and rehabilitation" camp on the Crimean peninsula, where the young girl from Kherson was tricked out by collaborators. Unfortunately, this is not the worst that Zhenya had to go through on the territory of the aggressor state.

In October, the girl's class teacher offered the whole class vacation by the sea, because the schoolchildren were tired of the constant danger and stress in Kherson. The collaborator promised to return the children to their parents in two weeks. However, after a few days of being in the camp, it turned out that the Russians were not going to give the children away.

Zhenya immediately had to grow up - she ended up in a "re-education" institution. Here the organizers wore clothes with the letters "Z", and Ukrainian children were called Nazis. Every morning, they forced Zhenya and her classmates to sing the Russian national anthem on the line and go to a Russian school. And those who refused were threatened with being sent to a pre-trial detention center and sent to an orphanage at the end of the school year. Despite this, young Ukrainians often refused to even listen to the anthem of the aggressor. For such "disrespect", their Russian peers called them "khokhols and thieves".

Besides mental pressure, Zhenya witnessed physical violence against Ukrainian children. The girl remembers how a female collaborator accompanying the hidden deportation hit her friend and a 9-year-old boy from a troubled family.

Evgenia had to endure this injustice for almost half a year. The girl missed her mother indescribably and cried in despair when, after the liberation of Kherson Oblast, the Russians didn't allow her mother to take her home.

Our team immediately responded to Maria's mother's request to help save her daughter. Having overcome all difficulties, we successfully returned the family to Ukraine! Currently, our volunteers are taking care of them at the "Hope and Recovery" center in the capital.

And somewhere in the camp in Crimea, a surprise awaits the Russians from Zhenya: before her departure, the young Kherson woman left 10 inscriptions of "Glory to Ukraine" on the walls of the room.

Glory to heroes!