More than a 1000 orphans received educational assistance in our day centers!

More than a thousand orphans have already received educational assistance in our day centers!

In a short time, our social project "Dopomoga poruch" , implemented with the support of We Are All Ukrainians, received a huge response from Ukrainian families affected by the war. Therefore, let's talk more about our day centers!

12 educational centers for little Ukrainians who have lost one or two parents were opened in different regions of the country on the basis of the existing "Save Ukraine" partner hubs. Here, children aged 5 to 12 can acquire new knowledge and professional support absolutely free of charge!

Our excellent tutors have developed educational areas that are adapted to the educational needs of each group of children. Including:

👨‍🎓 Entry into the future profession
📲Modern technologies
⭐Leadership and career guidance
💼Financial literacy
👩‍🏫 Help with school subjects and
☀️ Resistance to stress

Together with teachers, little Ukrainians learn English in the form of a game, draw, sculpt, weave and spend a lot of time on the amazing interactive floor! And in the case of turning off the lights, we purchased educational board games for the little ones from the company "Rozumnyky", which have the seal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

We are extremely happy that our project has already helped so many orphans to resume their educational life and overcome the difficulties caused by the war !