We visited the office of the Crimean platform

Save Ukraine lawyer Myroslava Kharchenko and project manager Yevgenia Volkova responsible for direction deportation visited the office of the Crimean Platform to meet with experts of the OSCE special mechanism on the issue of deportation of Ukrainian children from the TOT of Ukraine to Russia. The OSCE mission was created specifically to investigate all unprecedented war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Save Ukraine is one of three non-governmental organizations in Ukraine whose representatives were invited to discuss this situation with OSCE experts. Our experts shared their own experience of working in the direction of returning deported children to Ukraine and recording the facts of this large-scale crime. The representatives of the mission attentively listened and recorded the information of our lawyers for further use of these testimonies during the preparation of the report of the OSCE special mission.

For us is significant to convey to independent experts our position regarding unprecedented crimes, share our experience, and explain to them the already well-known facts of Russian crimes.

We hope that the meeting will have favorable results, and all the data collected by our specialists will influence the course of the investigation and court hearings of the international tribunal against the Kremlin authorities.

Our organization, headed by Mykola Kuleba, is doing everything it can to ensure that all those involved are brought to justice.