Russians tortured the father while his daughters begged them to let him go

"Mom covered us with herself and cried, and they shout one thing: "Are there any men here?". We hid in the house. Then the father comes in covered in blood." - 11-year-old daughter Liya was very scared when russian soldiers came to their village in the Kherson region.

With an armed group, the enemy first broke into the neighbors of the Kostenko family. The soldiers quickly shot the dog. Hearing the shots, the men went outside to understand the circumstances, and they were immediately thrown face down.

George, the father of three daughters, was beheaded by an automatic butt. The torture continued for the next 2 hours with screams, while the crying children begged for mercy for their father in their mother's arms. The russians, together with the Buryats, didn't let them out of the corridor during the search of the house.

During the beating, the father was most worried not for himself, but for his children, because in Odradokamyanka he had heard of cases of physical and psychological violence against children by the occupiers. When the torture ended, the wife and daughters finally saw the bloody but alive George.

After the liberation of the territory, the russians also left the Kostenko family without shelter. At the time of the shelling, the parents were in the store and urgently ran home to hide their children, who were playing outside. While the parents were returning, at a distance of 100 meters from their daughters, the enemy left two funnels from shells. At home, the children were hidden in corners, holding each other. Then the enemy hit near their home eight more times. The blast wave blew out the windows, the ceiling collapsed, and then the Kostenko family called for help from volunteers.

Our Kherson team evacuated the family to the Kyiv family shelter. On the way, we gave the children life-saving backpacks "LifePack", which were very useful during the journey of more than 600 kilometers. Currently, our organization takes care of them, prepares documents for departure to the Czech Republic together with the other three Kherson families. All tickets have already been purchased.

George is quite happy, because he will finally find a job and be able to provide for his wife and daughters, who dream of going back to school.