Her parents died while fleeing russian shelling

The parents of 6-year-old Karina died while fleeing russian shelling with their daughter.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, Yuliya and Oleksandr and their daughter Karina left native Kyiv with the hope of escaping the bombings. Together with the family of Karina's aunt, they went to Chernihiv Oblast. But in a few days it turned out that no less danger awaited them in a small village in the north.

At night, both families woke up from loud explosions, and bright flashes from "fraternal" shells could be seen in the sky. Then aunt Ruslana left for Chernihiv, and little Karina stayed with her parents in the village. However, the shelling steadily intensified so the Kravchuk family decided to flee to the city. There, Karina's mother planned to continue her work in an ambulance...

On the way from the village, the car in which the Kravchuk family and Karina's little cousin were was blown up.
Two children sitting in the back seat flew out through the panoramic window - this saved their lives. Karina's mother and father died on the spot.

Unfortunately, the cause of the car explosion is still unknown. There is a high probability that the family ran into an anti-tank mine that littered the roads. Karinka and her sister miraculously escaped severe physical injuries.

Aunt Ruslana was able to pick up her niece only 9 days after the tragedy, because the village was constantly shelled. Currently, Karina has been working with a psychologist and art therapy for half a year, but she is still very difficult to experience the loss of her mother and father💔

Friends, let's support Karinka and many more orphans of Ukraine who are going through these painful trials because of the war. Together we will be able to take care of children and give them hope for a better future!

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