Their windows looked out on "Azovstal"

Rebuilding lives: a family from Mariupol settled in one of our modular houses as part of the FORT HOME program.

On February 23, Hanna, along with her husband and two children, were in her apartment, the windows of which faced "Azovstal". The woman remembers how they went to bed and how she thought about the children's trip tomorrow for scheduled vaccinations. But on February 24, nothing mattered anymore, except saving children from the hell of bombing.

For a whole month, the family had to live in the basement without communications and water. They collected snow in buckets, and when it melted, they quenched their thirst and washed the children with it.

On March 8, the best gift for Anna was a piece of warm carpet and a can of canned food.
And the next day, the woman had to run around the city amid shelling to get to her parents and make sure that everything was fine with them.

Then, on the way to mother's house, a large shepherd dog came to Anna and accompanied the woman in this "game" for survival. From each explosion, Hanna fell to the asphalt, and the dog lay down next to her, as if trying to protect her from the flying debris.

On the morning of March 10, an air mine hit the family's house. There was only 1 meter of space left from their small room...Very cold space. To survive, the resourceful family made passages to the basement and covered them with carpets.

This is how they lived until March 25, when the russians came and told them to leave the city immediately. Hanna and her husband left their native Mariupol on foot, holding their children in their arms.

This is one of thousands of shocking stories of Ukrainian families who survived in Mariupol. Who lost their home, but, thank God, did not lose each other.

Now the Bozhkov family has a comfortable home where they will be able to regain their emotional and physical strength, and the children will feel safe and continue their studies.

We are happy and proud that our Fort Home project has already provided housing for almost 50 Ukrainian families who lost their homes due to the war.