Threatened to send to a mental hospital

The Russian military forcibly took 16-year-old Artem to the LPR and threatened to send him to a mental hospital.

On February 24, the Russians occupied Kupyansk, where Artem was studying at that time. The boy didn't want to get an education according to the Russian program, so he didn't attend school. And only on September 7 ventured to go from the native village to the city to pick up an education document.

And at that time, Ukrainian troops had already successfully counterattacked in the Kharkiv region. And the occupiers, preparing to retreat, blocked all traffic in the direction of Kupyansk. Artem didn't know this, so he decided to spend the night at school and go home the next day. But already at eight in the morning, enemy troops broke into the educational institution with weapons. Under the guise of evacuation, the children were forcibly taken away in KAMAZ trailers in an unknown direction.

The schoolchildren ended up in Svatove, then in Starobilsk, and then in Perevalsk. Artem then felt defenseless and was afraid that he would never return home. In the end, the children were placed in a boarding school, where, disregarding all legal norms, they forced minor Ukrainians to unload rubber goods and clean the area.

The employees of the facility humiliated the kidnapped children and even threatened Artem that they would send him to a psychiatric hospital for bad behavior. Boy admitted that sometimes he even cried in despair. But even in those most difficult moments, he believed that his mother would take him. He wished to return home, to Ukraine. Collaborating teachers continued to exert mental pressure and promised to send the children to foster families if their parents didn't take them back shortly.

Fortunately, Natalya's mother didn't delay. She found the contacts of Save Ukraine / Spasemo Ukraine and asked us for help. And so we brought Artem home. The young man is now recovering from all the upheavals at our “Hope and Recovery” Center and dreams of seeing his childhood friend whom the Russians, disregarding the rules of the Fourth Geneva Convention, deported to Krasnodar. Both young boys are already in Ukraine, and we believe that their meeting will take place soon.