Returning Ukrainian children

One of the most significant purposes of the “Save Ukraine” team is the returning Ukrainian children who were deported by the Russians on their territory back home.

Children were often taken away for "rehabilitation" or "evacuation". Collaborators who worked for the Russian Federation assured parents that children would be better off in children's camps. After all, there are no shots or sirens, and they will be able to study and recover safely.

However, after the liberation of the right bank of Kherson Oblast, the Russians refused to return the children home. Furthermore, they actively began to teach and educate children according to Russian educational standards. Ukrainian children were taught a distorted history, and forced to sing the anthem of the Russian Federation, which was foreign to them. In addition, children were told that their parents had abandoned them, so no one would come for them.

However, we know very well that this is a cynical lie. They simply wanted to erase the national identity of our children, to do everything possible to make them forget their Ukrainian roots.

Our team thoroughly prepared and thought through every detail to bring young Ukrainians home. Because the main thing is safety for parents and children.

Fortunately, everyone is now at home, in Ukraine. After what they had to go through, they still have a recovery process ahead of them.

And we continue to fulfil our critical mission — to save children and families who suffered from Russian aggression. Because every Ukrainian child has the right to live with his family, on his native land, to grow and develop in a free state. Eventually, this is the future of Ukraine.