"There is a paralyzed husband in the house. We covered ourselves with a blanket and were waiting for the shelling"

"There is a paralyzed husband in the house. We lay down together, covered ourselves with a blanket and were waiting for the shelling" Natalya tearfully tells how she almost lost her loved one due to russian shelling.

A week ago, an enemy shell flew into their yard. The wife did not immediately find out about the shooting at home, because there is almost no communication in the Kherson region. Natalya had just received bread from the humanitarian worker and was passing by the school when the mass shelling of the village of Burgunka began. The woman covered her 9-year-old niece, waited and ran home.

Vladyslav, the son, was already looking out of the gate, confused, because he didn't know what to do. In their garden was vomit from the explosion. When a neighbor approached the projectile to drive away the children who were looking at the wreckage, the russian military hit that place a second time and wounded him. Only 20 meters remained to the house of the Dedyky family.

At that time, Ihor, paralyzed on the right side, was trembling in the room. 5 years ago, Natalya's husband had a stroke and since then he cannot help himself. By the way, the russians took the family's car in which the man was being taken to the hospital, and now he was lying helplessly without a chance to hide from the shelling. After meeting with his wife, they were overcome with fear and had no other solution than to hide that evening in desperation from the explosions with a blanket and wait for silence.

Two weeks before this event, Natalia communicated with our volunteers about evacuation, took a number, but did not immediately use the help.

The Save Ukraine team rescued the family the next day. We took the family to Kherson, where we organized a safe shelter for the night, and then put them on a train to Kyiv. There, they were met by their relatives from another region, who are taking care of Igor now.