rashists put a beacon in the bed and bombed her house

"Educated" rashists put a beacon in the bed and bombed the house

The whole world should hear the story of 53-year-old Olena from the village of Sartana, Mariupol district. In March, two "honest" soldiers of the russian federation approached the woman, under the pretext of inspecting her house. Already in two days, an enemy tank stopped in front of Mrs. Olena's house and a terrible shelling of the houses of peaceful residents began.

The woman miraculously survived among the flying bullets. Moreover, when her home was engulfed in flames, Olena put out the fire with her bare hands, but it was too late. All documents and belongings of the woman were burned. After some time, Olena realized that the russians could plant a beacon in her home, and the shelling was done by "Grad".

"I worked as a teacher for half my life. At first I couldn't believe that they did such a thing. Now the person in front of you is educated, and as soon as you speak for Ukraine, he turns into an animal in a second."

For three months, Mrs. Olena lived in the ruins of her house and worked frantically in the garden so as not to lose her mind. All this time, she didn't stop looking for the "deadly" beacon and one day she found it: in the bed in which she slept. More precisely, in what is left of the bed.

"The neighbor told them that my son is a volunteer from Kyiv. And they don't like them very much" - that's why Olena became a target for the rashists.

Mrs. Olena, without exaggeration, is a fearless woman: under fire, she went to fetch water, chopped firewood and cooked food on the fire. She helped neighbors with groceries, fed all their dogs, cats, and chickens, and even rescued the neighbor's newborn baby goats.

Despite the maximum fatigue, Olena couldn't sleep for four months, because she saw in her dreams her house in flames, which she could not put out.

Son and daughter persuaded Mrs. Olena to leave her home and garden and come to them in a safe region. Our partner hub in Zaporizhzhia helped the woman move and provided all necessary assistance.

Olena asks people who cannot leave the occupied territory to be careful if russians come to their house. Because, unfortunately, there are a lot of such cases with beacons.

The woman told us many more facts about the crimes of the russian soldiers and we will definitely tell about them later.