Restricted in movement, but free, like our Ukraine"

Dmitry worked as a truck driver, but at the beginning of the full-scale war, he lost both legs due to shelling by Russian troops on the Zhytomyr highway.

As a result of the injury, he received a severe contusion, and when he regained consciousness, he realized that his legs were already made of stone. The wife brought Dmytro to Luhansk region, where the husband's limbs were amputated one by one, due to insufficient treatment, because many doctors had moved away.

The couple's native Lysychansk was under heavy shelling every day. Dmytro persuaded his wife to evacuate, although he was very worried that marauders might rob the house. After all, war exposes not only the best, but also the worst qualities in people.

However, an enemy projectile hit the couple's house later and it was impossible to postpone the evacuation. Our team helped the family to get to their relatives in Khmelnytskyi region.

A volunteer from our partner hub in Luhansk region shares her impressions of Dmytro: "I am impressed by the strength of this man's spirit, he is very independent. He moves himself. From the cart - on his knees, he enters the bus himself. It would seem that he is restricted in his movements, but he is free, just like our Ukraine."

We repeat once again that a timely decision to evacuate can save your life.