The villages of Sacco and Vanzetti were captured by the Wagnerites

The next day after our evacuation, the villages of Sacco and Vanzetti were captured by the Wagnerites. But our saviors still managed to take the last inhabitants out of it, ahead of the enemy by literally a few hours.

An elderly couple and their grown son were the only families that had been in this village near Soledar for a long time. The family lived on their father’s pension, who managed the factory afore. Nowadays the man is fully bedridden and needs constant oversight. Therefore, there was barely enough money for food and medicine. And to leave the village for their own safety was out of the question.

When we first came to evacuate them, the whole family rejected help. Although there were only a few kilometers to the front line at that time. On the very next day, after arriving near their house, the family contacted our organization and asked to take them out.

However, the demarcation line became even closer, and it was already quite dangerous to go there. In addition, it was necessary to drive a special vehicle to evacuate a lying person.

Fortunately, the enemy shells missed our rescuers and their wards, and everyone got out of the shelling safely. Moreover, the villages of Sacco and Vanzetti no longer exist. It was completely destroyed after heavy fighting.

Friends, we emphasize once again, do not neglect your own safety. Don’t expect that everything will pass by itself. On the contrary, the situation can be more difficult at any moment.

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