Grandma covered 500 kilometers for the sake of a lost cat

The cat couldn't stand the stress and disappeared just when her mistress was going to another city. So, the grandmother was forced to leave with another loss.

Our volunteers from the Dnieper Hub didn't give up hope of finding Sonya and approached the task as responsibly as possible: they made a full tour of the church every day and left fresh food for the cat.

After 2 months of searching, Sonya was finally found! Upon learning the good news, Lyubov decided without hesitation to cover 500 kilometers for the sake of her favorite. In the meantime, our volunteers temporarily gave the fluffy to a good family, because the church was too crowded for the frightened Sonya.

However, no one expected that temporary owners would love a cat so much in such a short time. They took good care of Sonya and got very used to her.

It is time for the long-awaited meeting. We have never seen such a touching transfer of the animal - everyone cried: both the former hostess and the temporary family, who praised Sonya for neatness and tenderness.
Eventually, we returned the cat to Lubov and now she and Sonia are safe together again.