She returned from abroad to rescue her relatives

13-year-old Kira returned from abroad to pick up her relatives from the liberated Kharkiv region. They were unable to evacuate together when her town was occupied by the russian army. It was the most difficult for grandfather, who after 2 strokes could not move without help. Such a long way he cannot overcome. Parents and grandmother stayed to take care of grandfather. And Kira was still persuaded to leave.

In autumn, the Ukrainian army liberated most of the Kharkiv region. Kira returned home and again felt the same terrible emotions when the russian army shelled her native Kivsharivka: "There was a lot of banging in another part of the village. There were the most victims. It's not far from us, so I was equally scared."

Kira's family lived in conditions without electricity, gas and water. The family needed targeted evacuation with a special vehicle. That's how the Tereshchenko family came across our volunteers. The Kharkiv team drove in a convoy of several cars. Grandfather was put in a comfortable armored SUV, which literally "ate" every pothole due to the high suspension. For passengers who need special transportation conditions, this is very important, especially on beaten roads.

Our team evacuated the family to Kharkiv. Kira was presented with a "Save me" backpack, which reminded her of her pre-war hobby. The girl found a child's toy in it. Just like those that Kira sewed herself before the war. Now the girl will not worry about her relatives and will return to her favorite hobby.