She was in her father's arms when he was killed

In the photo, 4-year-old Milana is smiling and holding a toy donated by "Save Ukraine" volunteers. Most recently, the girl lived with her parents and older brother in Bakhmut amid ruthless shelling.

Milana's father was still holding her tightly in his arms, fleeing with his daughter from the russian fire. When an iron fragment from a shell took his life. Other shells and bullets from the russians took away the girl's house and the whole city.

The family miraculously managed to evacuate, but the new living conditions were completely unsuitable for a mother with two children. So our volunteers from the Dnieper Hub - the Church "Light of the Gospel" - took the family under their wing.

Now Milana and her family live in the house of volunteer Alexander. The Dnieper Hub provided the family with moral and material support: a pediatrician and a psychologist, food and clothing.

Recently, volunteers and "uncle Sasha", as Milana calls him, surprised the girl - they brought a big bear and a stack of children's books.
"Like the New Year," Milana said, holding the toy tightly.

Alexander takes great care of this family and became a true friend to Milana.