Amina cried at night and drew very dark pictures

It's scary to imagine that 3-year-old Amina from Kharkiv region, who is so happy in this photo, only ate dry macaroni in the basement 5 months ago and was afraid of "howling wolves". That's how the girl nicknamed the sounds of sirens, which haunted and didn't let her sleep.

Amina's story touched the hearts of many Ukrainians, so we share with you the changes in the family's life after our team evacuated them to Western Ukraine!

After the hell she experienced, Amina cried at night and drew very dark pictures. Mom was very worried, because on the eve of the war, her daughter was also diagnosed with a metabolic disorder.

Then the founder of "Save Ukraine" Mykola Kuleba persuaded the mother to urgently go abroad with her daughter for examination and treatment.

So the family had a significant turning point in their lives!

They settled in Estonia, where Amina underwent more qualitative tests. It turned out that she does not have any disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, and the previous doctors made a mistake!

Qualified treatment in Europe brought good results and Amina's doctors add optimism: "The girl's mental health is improving." And when the Baltic weather gives warm - the mother takes her daughter to the beach, where the little one calms down.

When we found out that Aminka heard "wolves howling" again - after all, the family was settled next to the police station - we rented another apartment for the family, so that the little one would finally not hear those "wolves".

The other day, mother Anya is waiting for an interview and will soon work as a pharmacist. And Amina's father finally escaped from occupied Balaklea and is already in Estonia with his family!

Now the family has set a goal to raise enough funds to liberate Amina's grandmother from the occupation! And our team continues to make sure that Amina has special food, the right diet and clothes.

The family never forgets their home. They convince: there is no substitute for the native land! And the orcs will fully feel the well-known proverb: "memento mori", which in Latin means: remember that you will have to die.