Anya was on the beach when a russian shell flew there

14-year-old Ani has a large family of 9 people. They all lived in Chasiv Yar, in Donetsk region, when the war began.

Anya's parents worked fruitfully at the factory, but with the beginning of the war, they lost their jobs. Dreams and plans for the future were overshadowed by a single desire - the family should survive.

On a hot summer day, Anya and her parents just wanted to swim on the beach when a russian shell flew there. The girl and 15 other children who were there received shrapnel wounds of varying severity. A fragment hit Anya's thigh. The children were urgently hospitalized.

The girl was lightly injured, so within 3 days our volunteers evacuated Anya and her mother to Pokrovsk and took her to the hospital for a hip bandage. Currently, mother and daughter are safe in western Ukraine.

Friends, be careful wherever you are. The enemy insidiously attacks public places. Avoid forests, there may be mines. Do not go to the sea. It's already summer, but there's still war.