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Each child we evacuate from the war zone receives our gift - a backpack LifePack.

It has everything necessary for a child to easily endure a three-day trip or other critical situation. It includes dry snacks, drinking water, a hygiene kit, a flashlight, and a blanket. For on-the-go entertainment, they added a toy and a creative set.

Together with backpacks, children get a lot of positive emotions. First of all, it is an enjoyable gift, which they didnʼt receive for a long time living under occupation or in a war zone. Secondly, children are very interested in what exactly is in the backpack. Thirdly, the little one enjoys being treated with goodies and playing with new toys.

In this way, children are able to endure more easily the tough journey to a new place of temporary residence, and then open up easier to work with a psychologist. After all, children start to trust us almost immediately. And this is the main thing - to give children back their childhood.

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