She still looks at the windows with fear

After a few minutes, 14-year-old Lisa will turn away and cry. For the first time, she looked at the broken school from the entrance. Under the rubble - memories of a happy sports past: balls, uniforms and equipment for volleyball. Before the war, the girl and her team systematically practiced in the hall and achieved success in competitions in the Kherson region. This is a hobby that turned into a dream: to become a coach.
However, now there is no way to train in the Berislav district - the Russian army is on the opposite bank of the Dnieper. Even distance education is impossible in such conditions. All of Lisa's teammates and closest friends have left. Without communication, in isolation, the girl felt alone and defenseless, especially when adults leave the house:

"I was at home with my nephews. First there was a whistle, and then a very loud babah. We open the windows, and there are big clouds of smoke. I cried and called my mother. She sent to pick up the younger children and urgently run to our grandmother." This is Lisa talking about the explosion that happened literally a week ago less than 50 meters from her house.

Our team made friends with the family before it happened and left our contacts. Having caught the connection, mother Iryna, together with her relatives and neighbors, asked for help. We sheltered everyone in the "Hope and Recovery" center in Kyiv, where we continue to take care of the family. Among all the gifts, such as sleeping bags and clothes, Lisa liked the "LifePack" with which she evacuated directly from the house.
Now the girl is gradually getting used to a calmer life. Previously, Lisa often cried because of terrible memories, when Russian soldiers terrorized the population in the village. Those who did not turn off the lights during the curfew were shot at the windows without warning. Lisa is still peering at them uncertainly.

Soon the girl will receive a passport and study at a new school. We hope that here Liza will start playing volleyball again and continue moving towards her dream.