Russians began a real hunt for evacuation vehicles

The longer you are being in a war zone, the less chance to rescue. Besides the homes of civilians, the Russians began a real hunt for evacuation vehicles indeed.

Russian soldiers use drones to track cars and buses used by volunteers to transport people from the frontline, and then start firing. Thus, the occupiers do not allow the rescuers to evacuate people to the territory of Ukraine.

Our team works in such conditions. And every minute that people refuse to evacuate only increases the risk and leads to the fact that the moment may come when it will be impossible to help at all.

Friends, do not put your life in danger, it is priceless. You shouldn't put yourself and your children at risk. Evacuate in time, while there is still a chance to leave safely.

If you or your relatives need evacuation, call the "Save Ukraine" hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine - USAID Ukraine: 0 800 333 129

Our volunteers will take care of you, take you out of the war zone and help you get to a safe place! Just please give them a chance to do it on time!