We have to wake up alive for the sake of the children

Natalia's family has four beautiful children. All of them lived in the village of Klynove, Bakhmut district, when the full-scale russian invasion of our land began.

Then the family's home was destroyed by shells and parents and children fled to Bakhmut to their grandmother. But here they were awaited by the same terrible explosions and the struggle for survival. Natalya and her husband came under fire several times...but had to survive for the sake of their children.

Every day the family hoped that it would become calmer and the war would end, but it only got worse. So, the family decided to evacuate immediately and found the number of our volunteers thanks to people who have already been helped by the "Save Ukraine" team.

We evacuated the family to our partner hub in Pokrovsk, where adults and children were provided with all necessary assistance. And then the volunteers took the family to the railway station, from where they went to a safe region of the country.

In our work, we often come across the fact that families, even with children, are in no hurry to evacuate, hoping for an improvement in the situation, for the end of the war, surprisingly.
This fact is deeply saddening.

Children should not be in war. Their psyche and life cannot wait, they need decisive action from adults.