Threatened that she would be sent to an orphanage

The decision 14-year-old Sofia made last October changed her life forever. That autumn day, she went to Russia without warning her relatives.

Her acquaintances from Kherson told her about a wonderful vacation by the sea back in the summer. The girl wanted so much to go, but her mother didn't let her. So Sofia took advantage of the fact that she didn't live with her mother, but with her grandmother, and ran away from home. When the grandmother noticed the disappearance of her granddaughter, it was too late - the girl crossed the border.

At first, Sofia liked everything: the camp, the sea, and new friends. However, this euphoria quickly disappeared, dissolving into a cruel reality. Instead of 10 days, she stayed in the camp for 3 weeks, and the girl realized that no one was going to return her home. Then she was transferred to another camp with other Ukrainian children. One of the accompanying counselors threatened the children that they would be sent to an orphanage if their parents did not pick them up by the New Year. Then Sofia got scared and called her grandmother.

The woman took her granddaughter from Anapa and issued temporary guardianship for her. However, they didn't return to Ukraine. Grandma decided to live a while in a boarding house in Sheps, Krasnodar.

There, Sofia was sent to a Russian school, where her new classmates mocked her, called her a "khokhol", and scared her with the sounds of an "air alarm". They filmed her like an animal in a zoo, but there was no one to complain. The teachers turned a blind eye to the bullying aimed at Ukrainians.

For "Glory to Ukraine!" Ukrainian children were summoned by the school administration to an educational discussion. And together with a policeman and a psychologist, she explained to the children that Russia "saved" and "sheltered" them, but children still express such disrespect for their "saviors." Such behavior is an article of the Russian Criminal Code, and their guardians could be put behind bars. Therefore, the children were given advice - not a word about Ukraine.

However, it is not so easy to break the strong spirit of Ukrainian children. As a sign of protest, they painted Ukrainian flags, wrote "Glory to Ukraine" on the walls, and waited for them to return home.

Fortunately, Sofia is now in Ukraine. Her mother found Save Ukraine contacts and asked for help. And together with two more girls, we brought her daughter back.

Sofya truly wants to go to her native Kherson, but it is still very dangerous in the city. Therefore, together with her mother and younger sister, the girl is going to the Odesa region, where she hopes to meet with friends. In the future, Sofia dreams to be a lawyer, and we believe that she will be successful.