About 2 kilometers from the front line

Donetsk region. About 2 kilometers from the front line.

Our rescuers came to Novokalynove to evacuate three elderly residents of the village, including one woman with reduced mobility after a stroke. But as it turned out on the spot, together with them, there were also 4 goats.

The Ukrainians didn't even think of leaving their domestic animals. It touched our hearts, because we are always in favor of saving more lives. However, every minute in a hot spot is precious, so it was necessary to act as soon as possible.

Save Ukraine volunteers loaded the car with things, organized a place for the goats in the back, and finally everyone went to our partner hub. However, the road turned out to be no less dangerous - our rescuers noticed several enemy drones in the sky. Fortunately, it worked out and everyone successfully reached Pokrovsk.

There, the evacuees were fed and provided with the necessary assistance. Currently, a married couple with goats has settled in a house nearby and will establish a farm in a new place. And what is important - away from the front line.