"Save me" - a rescue backpack for children from the "Save Ukraine" team

Thousands of little Ukrainians have been hiding in the darkness and cold of basements for many months due to russian shells and bullets. When our rescue teams evacuate children from hotspots to safety, they are frightened, starved, and always need our support.

That is why we created the "Save me" Backpack, which contains all the necessary things for a child and will help him physically and mentally endure relocation to a temporary or permanent place of residence.

Each survival backpack contains:

✔️ water
✔️ food for long-term storage
✔️ set of personal hygiene
✔️ fleece blanket
✔️ cloak
✔️ waterproof lantern
✔️ creative set

"Save Ukraine" volunteers have already started giving life-saving backpacks to children during evacuation and have seen with their own eyes how the condition and mood of young Ukrainians are improving !

Friends, let's build a bridge for children from steady fear of life to restoring their joyful childhood.
By donating $39, you will provide a child who suffered from the war with everything necessary for life for 3 days.

You can make a DONATION by following the PayPal link 👇