We save Ukrainians and their animals

Recently, an outstanding evacuation took place at Save Ukraine - our rescuers took three residents of the Donetsk region to safety along with four baby goats.

All were successfully delivered to our partner hub in Pokrovsk. Here, Donetsk residents and their pets have already been provided with all the necessary support and assistance.

Later on, we will share with you a video report of this composite and fascinating evacuation.

So far we remind you that the Save Ukraine team rescues not only Ukrainians but also their animals from hot spots. We do not leave anyone to fend for themselves even after evacuation: we provide shelter and humanitarian support, help with the search for housing and restore the lives of Ukrainian families in our "Hope and Recovery" centers!

To submit an evacuation application, or to receive psychological, legal, and social support:

🔸Call the Save Ukraine hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine: 0 800 333 129

🔸Follow the link to our chatbot: