Dance helps to find one's way in life

Dance is efficient to restore mental health. These are opinions of choreographers of the Kyiv dance studio Top Dance Kyiv Svitlana, Mykyta, and Dmytro, who from March 29 conduct choreography lessons for children twice a week at our Hope and Healing center. And we completely agree with them!

Children who yesterday were under shelling, lost their homes, and have no chance to study normally at school, and were under constant stress, today are gradually adapting to new living conditions in small steps, returning to their childhood again. During dance classes, children forget all the problems they have experienced, feel free, and learn to express their emotions and feelings through smooth movements.

We are used to talking about dance as an art form. But for our wards, it means much more - dance helps them find their way in life.

We are sincerely grateful to the choreography teachers of the Top Dance studio, Mykyta, Svitlana, and Dmytro, who as a volunteer, help children from the frontline areas to come back to normal life by way of dancing.