The first meeting after a long separation

A continuation of the story of Maina and her mother Natalya. In this picture is their first meeting after a long separation. For about a month, they were in different hospital departments. They could not meet as both were in critical condition.

Thanks to the efforts of the doctors, the girls started to feel better, and our team was able to organize this meeting.

Marina is afraid to be in a vertical position, as it is hard for her to balance. This scares her to tears every time. Ahead of her is a rehabilitation process that should teach the child to walk again.

For our team, this meeting was one of the most emotional. We want the mother and the daughter to recover as quickly as possible and gradually return to life. To a life that is very different but now very valuable to them both.

We believe that everything will be well for this family, and we are doing everything in our power for this.

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